Making it our own

It’s nearly three months nice we got our little seaside getaway. Granny has spent a lot of time scouring the charity shops and other places for bargains to make the chalet ours. The bathroom is a good example.


The shelf came from a charity shop in Whitstable, the picture from Hilly Fields Summer Faye, the towel rail was found in the street and a new, similar toilet roll holder was added soon after. All a sudden the bathroom has acquired character.

A lot of time has been spent in equipping the kitchen. Poundland and charity shops have been the main source of finds. But visiting friends have brought “housewarming presents” of mugs and plates.


The kitchen had been upgraded a few years previously, but it drove Granny mad. New appliances, a longer worktop and an extra socket meant that the remodelled kitchen is a joy to work in. It’s never tidy, but you get the idea …


Last time Granny left the chalet, having got it ready for guests, she felt that at last everything was as it should be. Well almost. When the family came back, son in law and daughter moved two of the beds upstairs and the resulting empty room is in the process of becoming a dining room leading out onto the new decking, making us very aware of the position of our seaside getaway.


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