He got it free!

Grandson and I went to the DIY store.

“Have you got any off cuts my grandson can have?” I asked.

“What does he want them for?”

“You know, banging together with nails – to make things.”

We went to the wood store. Malcolm was there. He had been cutting up some wood for the Scouts. He went to have a look and came back with five chunky pieces and a big, flat piece.

“Will these do?”

They did. He even put a sticker on, so we didn’t have to pay!

The next day, we went to a house clearance sale. Grandson found a broken, musical cigarette box, made of wood. A bit like this:

The lid opened and trays raised up displaying the cigarettes, if there had been any. He was entranced and wanted to buy it. He asked the man if he could buy it. They had quite a discussion, and the man gave it to him.

Later grandson and his mother did some research on the Internet and found out its possible value. They found out how the musical mechanism works and managed to get it working. It plays a piece of Neapolitan music, Funiculi, Funicula, written to celebrate the opening of a funicular up Mount Vesuvius. The box still needs mending and Grandson says this is going to be the first thing that he fixes and keeps.

And the off cuts? Grandson got the tool box and power tool out, and with a bit of help from his mum, made a side table.



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