Reciprocating dad’s love

@HaslamGreg: GREAT FATHERS (3) It takes a moment to make a child, a life-time to become a Father who’s a great teacher,good provider,discipler,protector.

Yesterday was Fathers’ Day. Over the years we seem to have moved from the image of dad as a cigarette smoking, beer swilling numpty to some one who is placed high in our affections and valued as a parent.

For some, fathers’ day is not a happy time. This year has seen a lot of (adult) children mourning the loss of their fathers on Facebook and Twitter and recalling memories of happy times.

On the other hand, many kids got really excited about making gifts and cards for their dads, eagerly anticipating the moment of presentation, when they could express their love for their dads.

I have to tell you that the love is reciprocated. On the bus the other day, I saw a little girl, maybe not yet two, sitting in her buggy, eyes fixed on her dad while he tenderly sang to her – in public, on a bus! It was a lovely moment. And I saw it again yesterday, when a dad cradled his recently born daughter in his arms. His eyes never left her face.

From the moment of conception, dads are responsible for their kids. But for those who take the trouble to hone the skills of fatherhood, there is the blessing of having children who absolutely adore them.


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