Insect day: making friends

It was insect day – Inservice Training Day for teachers, or as some one said, a Baker day, and the schools were shut. What better way to spend it than to run away to our little seaside getaway? So we did.

By 9 am we were up and raring to go. The guys opened the swimming pool up for us. This was the first time granny had taken the grandkids swimming on her own. The boys had to negotiate the changing room by themselves and were allowed to stay in long after the girls had got out. Oldest grandson attempted a feat he had not achieved before and nearly nailed it – just needs a bit more practice before he can show off to mum and dad.

We went into the village for ice cream. On the way we met Kathy, the vicar. We stood in the sunshine catching up on each other’s news. Then off to the shop.

Girls were having a bad hair day. Neither of us had brought a hairbrush, so we bought a comb. (In fact Granny’s hair was so bad that, at grandson’s suggestion, she wore a hat for the rest of the day.) Licking our ice creams, we went on to visit the post office. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of old fashioned sweets! We looked in the butcher’s. Between them, the village shops seem to have everything you could want.

On the way back, we met some of the men who repair and renovate the chalets. Granny arranged to meet one later to see what could be done for ours.

While lunch was cooking, the kids played in the playground, and there was lots of swing pushing. Granny went to check on lunch. As she was going back to the playground, Linda came over. They were leaving and she wondered if we would like some left over chocolate ice cream. Would we?! It turned out that Linda and Frank live quite near Granny and have two granddaughters roughly the same ages as the youngest two grandkids. We are looking forward to meeting them.

After lunch, we played tennis. We made friends with Donna at Guest Services and she lent us some balls and racquets. We tried to play tennis properly, but we weren’t very good at it and one by one, two of the grandkids dropped out and went back to the playground. But grandson proved to be quite good at it and gave granny a run for her money.

We went back to the chalet for drinks and cake. We had some cake left over. Earlier in the day, grandson had retrieved a lost ball for the people staying next door. “Let’s give them the cake!” He said. So we washed up a box and filled it with the left over cake. Grandson wrote a note and taped it to the box. Then he took it next door and left it in the shade, where they would find it. They came back before we left. “I think they were pleased”, he said.

That was the end of our insect day. We set off for home, feeling especially happy because we had been blessed by other people and because we had been able to pass the blessing on.



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