The Unbirthday

Last weekend was a family celebration for grandson’s birthday. This weekend, it was his friends’ turn to join in the fun. Three friends, with their siblings and parents came to our little seaside getaway for the day.

Granny was busy doing DIY stuff and came back from the local DIY store to find fourteen people sitting on the grass outside the chalet eating lunch. Everyone had brought a picnic lunch and were tucking in. Fortunately daughter had saved some food.

Presents were opened, admired and played with. The lads played football. A ball got stuck in a tree. They tried to dislodge it with a second ball, which got stuck. Sticks were waved at the tree, to no avail. Then the dads put their heads together. One of the dads gave the other a bunk up and he climbed into the tree and rescued the balls. Who’s a hero, then?

Then, in an unusual turn of events, the “party bags” were produced. In the middle of a party?!

“Kneel down”, said daughter to grandson. She tapped him on the shoulders “Arise Sir (name)”, and handed him a sword filled with jelly beans. She went round all the children in turn. Soon jelly bean eating children had formed themselves into a raggle taggle army and were running round the park looking to perform acts of daring do. Meanwhile the adults basked in the sun, listening to the unfolding events on one of the walkie talkies that had been left behind.

The conquering heroes returned and wanted to go swimming. The pool was empty and, for most of the time, we had it all to ourselves. Kids showed off their swimming prowess, practiced diving with spectacular results, and a game of ball ensued.

No visit to the seaside would be complete without a trip to the beach, so off they all went. Silence, and granny resumed her DIY. They returned bearing the treasures they had found. Stones and seaweed, mainly. Some of the kids were able to smuggle their treasures home. Others had to leave them on the veranda until next time.

Everyone tucked into burgers and then it was time for the biggest birthday cake you had ever seen – with no candles! So grandson struck and blew out a match instead. The adults grabbed him and he was duly bumped. He was lifted high in the air, “one, two , three, four, five, six, seven, one for luck!”, much to the bemusement of some of the kids, who had never seen such a thing before.

One last swing on the swings, and it was time to go home. See you at school on Monday.




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