Happy birthday grandson

The children were in bed. We put up bunting and banners, blew up balloons, wrapped parcels and went to bed ourselves.

I was woken at 5.15 am by oldest grandson knocking on the wall. The whole chalet could hear! As the nearest adult, I took it upon myself to go and tell him off and create the first chalet rule: no knocking on the walls.

Later, Nanny Sally and I were woken by kisses from the children, and the birthday celebrations began. Middle grandson opened his presents, light sabres, a wii game, pogo stick, books and what he thought was football pyjamas.

Actually it was Grandad Martin’s favourite football team’s strip, that you could actually put on and play football in. Not surprising that grandson thought they were pyjamas. Grandad gives pyjamas to all his grandkids at Christmas. Needless to say, grandson put the strip on and didn’t take it off for the rest of the day! Son in law is definitely outnumbered, everyone else in the family appears to support Grandad’s team!

The kids played in the park; went running; played swingball; went on adventures with the new walkie talkies; went swimming and played an endless game of football: while the adults chilled, knitted or read.

Birthday cake was eaten and it was time to go home. I took son and his children back to the station. They had cycled and walked the two and a half miles from the station. When you are four and six, that’s no mean feat. They showed me the way they came, and I learnt a new short cut.

We loaded up a barrow and took everything back to the cars in the car park. We said our farewells and left. We’ll be back next week.


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