Snow kindness

Snow brings out the best in people, that world war togetherness that you don’t see every day.

Helped by Twitter and Facebook I can know the most up to date snow status and what my neighbours are doing. I can share their travel frustrations and celebrate their snow creations. Having seen one snowman on Twitter, I was delighted to recognise it on BBC News – fame for the local park.

My neighbour pops out as I am putting out the rubbish to make sure I’m alright. She’s older than me, so I should be asking her. Between us, we keep the shared front path clear of snow and clear the pavement outside our respective houses.

If only other people would clear the snow outside their homes and businesses. Some boroughs have snow friends, wardens or buddies who check on neighbours and keep the pavements clear. My borough is trialling a snow warden scheme. I hope it goes borough wide next year.

Imagine my joy and delight then when I went to Playgroup in another borough. I am the person who gets the key and I was contemplating the slippy two minute walk down the road to get it. I looked down the length of pavement in front of me. A path had been cleared down the centre of the pavement! I thought neighbours had got together to do it – it’s that kind of street, but no. The borough sponsored snow warden had single handedly cleared the path himself. It made my day.

Later, I was at my daughter’s house. A man appears and starts clearing and salting their driveway. Turns out he’s a neighbour who just wanted to bless the family. Using text messaging, his wife and my daughter had got together when the snow started and had taken their children down to the park for some sledging fun. Apparently, the mums commandeered the kids’ sledges and had races down the slope while the bemused kids looked on!

So three cheers for the neighbours who go the second mile. Let’s not forget the street cleaners and gritters who have been going out time and time again to clear and grit the pavements and roads so that we can travel safely. You’re all snow heroes!


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