Pink cake

The day Dad died, I was caring for youngest granddaughter. We needed to cheer ourselves up, so we decided to make cake. “Pink cake”, Granddaughter insisted.

So we set to work, making a basic sponge for cup cakes. We found some red food colouring. We knew we had to add it sparingly, but even one drop created a garish fuchsia colour. We ploughed on, rejoicing in our pink cake, and ate them for tea with the boys.

The pink theme continued, we had pink Prosecco at the funeral reception and whenever I want to celebrate something in Dad’s life, I now make pink cake.

I looked for the definitive recipe. Pink velvet cake was too complicated for something I wanted to be able to make quickly. Pink Lady cake relies on white cake mix and Jell-O, not quite what I wanted, but I like the idea of adding gelatine to a cake mixture.

So, necessity being the mother of invention, here’s my recipe:

PINK CAKE (based on a standard sponge mixture)
In memory of Bob

For each egg used you will need.:
1 egg (makes 8 cup cakes or 4 muffins)
Weight of the egg in butter, sugar and self raising flour
5 drops pink Silver Spoon Colour Creator
20g each chocolate chips and mini marshmallows


Put cake cases in a cake tray. 

Make up the cake batter in the usual way, folding in the chips and mallows at the end. 

Half fill the cake cases and cook for 10 to 12 minutes. 

If you decide to make a tray bake or cake, by multiplying up the ingredients, the cooking time will be longer. 

If you use a different food colouring, add carefully. One drop might do. 

I’m sure that the recipe will change over the years, but it’s a start. I loved the way the pink marshmallows left an intense pink trail when they melted and the crispness that they added to the finished cake.


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