Songs we sing – other people’s

Not all our songs are made up. The grandkids have favourite cds that we have to play in the car. My only defence is that I play them on shuffle, so we never know what is coming next. They sing along, even if, to the annoyance of their siblings, they sing the wrong words.

There was the sunny summer day when we drove down Chislehurst High Street listening to a cd and belting out “One Way, Jesus” at the tops of our voices. Just because we could.

Granddaughter and Grandson introduced us to a CD that came with a book of songs for kids. The favourite was “I am a C”. You can get the words here, although we did not know about the second verse. You can also see it on YouTube.

On the same cd there was a version of “I’ve got the joy”, (again we did not know all the verses) which had us in hysterics. On the cd a child sings “where?” after each line in a very distinctive voice, which youngest granddaughter was convinced was “meow” for quite a long time, and she could not be dissuaded.

Granddaughter picks up phrases of songs and sings them over and over again, like a broken record. Sometimes we can identify what she is singing and help her to sing the whole song; other times, she just drives us crazy!

Grandsons are big Michael Jackson fans. What is it about boys and Michael Jackson? Put Thriller on and immediately they are dancing round the room. These boys are so inspired they have even acquired the appropriate clothes to wear.

Over the years I have acquired a collection of CDs in my car, referred to as “old”, “new” or by the colour of the CD, and they vocally vote for the CD they want to hear. But when I want to calm things down, I put on ClassicFM and ban talking. If it works, they fall asleep.


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