Songs we sing – the ones we made up

It all started with eight month old granddaughter. We had gone with her parents to Serre Chevalier, France and were walking down to the supermarket for supplies for lunch. Well, I was walking, she was being carried in the sling. The pace of my steps suggested a march.

“Do, do, doo; de, do, do, doo;
De, do, do,do, do, do do, doo;” etc.

We became a german marching band, Then I invented a verse which was played by various orchestral instruments in turn. It kept us amused all the way there and all the way back, and the tune got used on many occasions subsequently, with each repeat getting more inventive and sophisticated.

Bike mad two year old grandson inspired the next song:

“Ding, ding,” goes the bike,
“Ding, ding,” goes the bike,
Wheee, down the hill.
“Ding, ding,” goes the bike,
“Ding, ding,” goes the bike,
Wheee, down the hill.

(Getting slower)
We can do it,
We can doo it,
We-can-doo it up the hill.
We-can-dooo it,
We-can-dooo it, (speed up now)
We can do it, up the hill.

This song was inspired by a visit to Centre Parcs where we hired a trailer bike so that Daddy could pull the two boys, then aged two and four, along. Two year old grandson graduated to a scoot (walking) bike of his own and now rides a two wheeler to school.

Oldest granddaughter was at the composition of the weather song. We had been to the London Transport Museum at Covent Garden. We were walking by the Lyceum Theatre and being buffeted in the face by the wind. So I started singing to amuse her:

It’s windy, it’s windy, it’s very, very windy;
It’s windy, it’s windy –
And we shall blow awaaaaay!
(hold the last syllable for as long as you can and fade the volume)

This got used over and over again in many varied situations with different grandkids. We improvised on the verses to include whatever weather we were facing.

Seven year old grandson had come to stay with his siblings. It was way past bedtime and he and granddaughter decided to go to the bathroom:

“We like chicken, and we like to march.” Repeated until the destination was reached with fits of giggles.

The next day, we developed it:

We like chicken and we like to march.
We like teddies and we like to dance.
We are the Lewis’s, one, two, three,
Put your hands upon your knee.

But our latest song is the best yet. We were driving home from a day out and seven year old grandson decided to go crazy. “Ned, red, silly head”, he chanted, over and over again, to my increasing annoyance. I had to turn it around. Soon we had a chorus, sung to the tune of Skip to my Lou;

Ned, red, silly head,
Ned, red, silly head,
Ned, red, silly head,
(I am) You are going crazy!

The we added some verses:

Bus up a lamp post, silly head,
Bus up a lamp post, silly head,
Bus up a lamp post, silly head,
(I am) You are going crazy!

Cucumber, ooh, silly head …

Dragon on a potty, silly head …

and so on. Eventually it became a game with each person adding a verse when it was their turn and kept us occupied until we reached home.

More recently, we got off the bus with our silly heads on and sang it all the way home at the tops of our voices. Don’t know what the neighbours thought!



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