Monica Music saves the day

The story below was originally an email that was sent in November 2010 and has been rewritten for this blog.

It was raining. Four-year-old and two-year-old had just been to big school to drop off six-year-old. They were cold and their hands were freezing. They still had to walk to Sainsbury’s and the library before they could get in the warm car and go home. What to do?

Remembering the song their cousins sang at music group (, suddenly Granny grabs their hands and starts singing, “We are walking, walking along. We are singing a happy song. Tra la la la la … “. Then they skipped, hopped, jumped, backed (didn’t quite get that one), crossed (over the road), squished (together along the narrow pathway) and anything else Granny could think of until they got to Sainsbury’s.

Two cold, miserable children were still singing happily to themselves as they walked round Sainsbury’s. Monica Music had saved the day.


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